Drug Addiction Detox Program near Seattle

The abuse of drugs, both licit and illicit, or alcohol can be a recipe for disaster for a person if this type of behavior is ongoing. Some substances of abuse can cause a person to become addicted rather quickly, as in the case of heroin or methamphetamine abuse, whereas other substances, like alcohol, must be abused excessively over a period of time before an addiction develops. Despite the fact that addiction can happen quickly or slowly, engaging in risky substance using behaviors is dangerous, can devastate an individual’s life, and may require a person to seek treatment and detox in order to stop this type of self-destruction.

Some individuals begin using substances as a means of escaping some sort of emotional pain, while others engage in substance abuse as a way to decrease their inhibitions. Regardless of what led a person to misuse substances in the first place, the effects that can result can render monumental adversities across every area of that individual’s life. It could become difficult for an individual to maintain healthy relationships with loved ones, demonstrate good performance at work, or avoid interaction with the legal system. Additionally, a person’s physical health can be greatly affected by the abuse of substances, as there is an ever-present risk of organ damage and overdose when the abuse of drugs and/or alcohol is occurring.

Yet another effect of substance abuse is the development of tolerance and chemical dependence. Tolerance means that an individual’s body has adapted to a certain amount of a given substance or substances and, thus, requires more of it in order to experience the desired effects. Chemical dependence also means that an individual’s body has adapted to the presence of the substance(s), though the individual also requires the drug and/or alcohol in order to function. Once tolerance and a dependence upon one or more substances forms, it can be overwhelmingly difficult to put an end to an addiction alone.

However, should a person seek treatment to overcome an addiction, it is beneficial for that individual to receive care that is proven effective in helping people with such concerns. Several options for care exist, though those options that supply detoxification services, or detox, are among the centers that can help individuals caught in the web addiction break free and live the healthier lives they deserve.

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Benefits of Detox

Cascade Behavioral Health Hospital near Seattle, Washington supplies detox services and is the type of program that can help you or your loved one overcome even the most severe of addictions. Should this type of treatment not be sought, an unfortunate effect could be remaining trapped in the cycle of substance abuse and addiction. Given this fact, it is imperative to consider and participate in recovery programs that feature detox so that the following benefits can be experienced:

  • The perilous effects that may occur if a person is abusing substances are diminished. Within treatment centers, in general, those working to overcome addictions do not have access to their particular substances of abuse.
  • The potential for relapse is decreased, as detox clears a person’s body of harmful substances of abuse.
  • Withdrawal symptoms are lessened, as medical professionals are available to administer medications and teach techniques for managing any emerging effects of withdrawal in a healthy manner.
  • Because of the support afforded to those receiving detox, the cravings associated with withdrawal are decreased as well.

Finally, men and women who receive care in our detox program are supervised and supported by medical professionals on an ongoing basis. This is beneficial such that an individual’s health, safety, and overall wellbeing is preserved so that only the most favorable treatment outcomes occur.

If you feel that you are in crisis, or are having thoughts about hurting yourself or others, please call 9-1-1 or go to the nearest emergency room immediately.

Sadly, there are individuals who do not select treatment programs that include detox services or those who do not participate in any kind of treatment to overcome an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. When this is the case, a person is likely to continue abusing substances, develop a more severe addiction, experience an overdose, and/or engage in polysubstance abuse. For these reasons, and more, it is crucial to consider care that supplies detox so that a healthier, substance-free tomorrow can be within reach.

At Cascade Behavioral Health near Seattle, we understand how difficult it can be to defeat an addiction, and we have designed our programming to positively transform the lives of those who are in need of exemplary chemical dependency treatment. We offer top-notch detox services that are covered by Medicare, as well as other life-changing levels of care that have helped numerous individuals win the war against addiction. Therefore, if you or your loved one is in need of detox that only Cascade offers, feel free to contact us at your convenience. At our center, a drug-free future is most certainly possible.

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