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Mental health treatment that integrates 21st century brain science, modern wellness and psychology with ancient discoveries of human potential.

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SatoriWest Approach To Mental Health Treatment

There Are No Silver Bullets

At Cascade Behavioral Health we believe that holistic and integrated systems work best. The SatoriWest Method that we use to treat our patients, teaches the brain development skills called Inshifting. These are meditation-like skills that the patient can use anywhere.

These skills are activated with brain-focused wellnesses. Your brain is an organ with physical, mental, social, cultural, moral and spiritual needs. They must all be addressed while your brain is being trained. That’s the secret to evolving to your peak.

You Don't Have To Do It Alone

With Cascade and the SatoriWest approach, you will find a supportive community that understands and guides you through a holistic treatment plan.

Through daily brain exercises, workshops, retreats and therapy, you will be guided through an experience unlike any other.

Professionally Engineered

The SatoriWest Method and the various programs of the SatoriWest Brain Evolution Project that you will find at Cascade Behavioral Health were created by our Medical Director Dr. Jeff Skolnick—former brain researcher, experienced Zen meditator, MD psychiatrist, Ph.D. in Natural Health Science and author.

Dr. Skolnick has unique expertise to help you navigate life and the potential of your brain.

Success Is Possible

Every single person on this hospital's staff helped our family so passionately.

– Daniel
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