Cascade Behavioral Health Offers Unique Treatment Approaches

Located in Tukwila, Washington, and serving the greater Seattle area, Cascade Behavioral Health uniquely offers a new approach to mental illness and addiction. Called the SatoriWest Method©, this approach integrates Eastern ideas of human potential, Western behavioral and brain science and holistic wellness practices.

About Us

Cascade Behavioral Health Hospital is a world-class treatment program and a leader in the effort to promote excellence in the treatment of behavioral health disorders and addictive diseases. We offer a safe and supportive treatment environment where individuals in crisis can receive comprehensive care, offered with compassion and respect.

To maintain these standards, we have assembled a team of top professionals from a multitude of various disciplines. Each member of our team strives toward the unified goal of making Cascade Behavioral Health Hospital synonymous with excellent care, phenomenal customer service, and an unmatched commitment to families, our communities, and, most of all, our patients.

Our Services

Cascade Behavioral Health Hospital offers multiple treatment options to ensure that each person who heals with us has access to the focused services that will best prepare them for long-term success.

Our inpatient programming includes acute medical detox, addiction rehabilitation, adult psychiatric care, and geriatric psychiatric care. We also offer addiction treatment and psychiatric care on an outpatient basis.

Each person who is entrusted into our care will follow a personalized treatment plan that is based upon a thorough assessment of their needs and goals. We also provide detailed discharge planning services to guide the post-treatment phases of each person’s recovery journey.

Our Mission & Vision

Cascade Behavioral Health Hospital is dedicated to providing men and women with the personalized care they need to experience true and lasting healing. This commitment is reflected in our mission and vision statements:

  • Mission statement: In every crisis is an opportunity.
  • Vision statement: To become a center for holistic healing, well-being, and human potential.

At Cascade, we understand that addiction and other behavioral health disorders can have a profound negative impact on individuals and families. But we also know that with the right type and level of treatment, people who have been struggling with these challenges can achieve a healthier and happier future.

SatoriWest Method© Treatment Approach

Men and women who choose Cascade Behavioral Health Hospital will benefit from our embrace of the SatoriWest Method©. This dynamic approach to treatment incorporates principles and practices from Eastern and Western medicine to promote lifelong recovery.

Elements of the SatoriWest Method© include Western brain science, modern psychiatry, and traditional chemical dependency treatment, along with Eastern wisdom, awareness practices, and holistic wellness.

This unified approach to treatment can help you make the changes that will improve the quality and substance of your life while also empowering you to pursue a healthier and much more satisfying future.

Serving the Greater Seattle Area

Our location in Tukwila, Washington, makes us a convenient treatment option for individuals and families from Everett to Tacoma, including those who reside on the Kitsap Peninsula.

To learn more about starting your recovery journey in the Seattle area, call us today. A friendly and knowledgeable member of our team is available 24/7 to speak with you. We look forward to answering all of your questions and helping you determine whether Cascade Behavioral Health Hospital is the perfect treatment center for yourself or a loved one.

Take a Free Online Assessment

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