Seattle’s Local Drug & Alcohol Support Groups

Cascade Behavioral Health Hospital is dedicated to helping you achieve and maintain long-term recovery. When you or your loved one receives treatment at our Tukwila, Washington center, we strive to ensure a successful experience that establishes a strong foundation upon which to build continued success. In keeping with this goal, we offer personalized care that effectively treats many mental health concerns and addictions. Additionally, we plan for each patient’s discharge with the same degree of individualized attention so that he or she can experience lasting healing.

Discharge planning at Cascade Behavioral Health Hospital starts from the moment a person is admitted to our center. We do this to identify the follow-up resources that can help you stay healthy for the long-term. In many instances, we refer those who complete our programming to support groups as part of their aftercare plans. Therefore, when you are ready to leave our hospital, you may be advised to become a member of the following support groups depending on your needs:

Alzheimer’s Disease Support Groups

If your loved one is treated for Alzheimer’s disease, Cascade Behavioral Health Hospital wants to make sure that you can continue learning about Alzheimer’s. We aim to connect you with other individuals affected by this memory disorder so that you, too, can feel supported. Caring for someone with Alzheimer’s can sometimes be challenging, so we believe that much can be gained by joining a support group.

If you are located in Seattle or anywhere in the SeaTac region, there is an Alzheimer’s support group located at this address:

SeaTac Community Center
13735 24th Ave S
SeaTac, WA 98168

This group meets every third Thursday from 1-2:30 p.m. However you can find a support group near you to attend:

Click here to get more information on attending an Alzheimer’s support group for caregivers in SeaTac

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Support Groups

When you are treated for alcoholism at Cascade Behavioral Health Hospital, you regularly participate in 12-Step groups. Once you have completed our services, we encourage you attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in your own community. We do this so that you can continue working the Steps. AA is proven to be an invaluable source of support for those in recovery for alcohol addiction, and we hope that you can continue your progress via these meetings.

To find an alcohol abuse support group in Seattle or another city in the SeaTac region, click the following link:

Click here to locate AA meetings in the SeaTac region

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Support Groups

Like AA meetings, Narcotics Anonymous groups can help you to hold true to your commitment to live a sober lifestyle. Regardless of the type of drug addiction that you are recovering from, NA meetings can also allow you to remain part of the recovery community. These 12-Step-based groups can be a seamless transition from your care at Cascade Behavioral Health Hospital, and we believe that they can help further your sobriety. Therefore, if you would like to attend a narcotic abuse support group in Seattle or another part of the SeaTac region, click the following link to review the meeting schedule posted:

Click here to find NA meetings in the Seattle area

Our patients’ health is the number one priority at Cascade Behavioral Health Hospital. Here, we want to give each person every advantage needed to become well again. By referring those we treat to the above support groups, we hope to connect them with others who can uplift them, and support them towards living healthier lives.

If you would like to learn more about support groups, our discharge planning process, or how to begin treatment at our hospital, call us today. We would be happy to answer any questions that you may have to better your or your loved one’s life.

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