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Cascade Behavioral Health Hospital helps individuals struggling with Alzheimer’s disease gain the tools needed to manage this disorder. Located near Seattle, Cascade is a top provider of psychiatric and cognitive treatment for older adults and their families.

What is Alzheimer's?

What is Alzheimer’s?

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia, a severe neurological disorder that affects memory loss and causes a decline in cognition seriously enough to impact daily life. The symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease often slowly begin and gradually worsen over time from minor forgetfulness to widespread impairment of functioning. The disease causes structural and chemical changes within the brain that slowly decimate the ability to recall, learn, reason, create, and relate to others. As cells in the brain critical to life die, men and women with Alzheimer’s disease experience a drastic shift in personalities as their body systems fail. While the causes for Alzheimer’s disease are unknown, many top tier researchers believe that Alzheimer’s disease is the result of an increase in production and/or an accumulation of a protein in the brain that causes death to nerve cells.

A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease is a tremendous adjustment for you and your loved ones. Most people find that the ability to navigate this particular road involves much support from loved ones, learning about ways to manage the symptoms of disease, and planning for the future. While there currently exist no cures for Alzheimer’s disease, recent advancements in medicine have developed medications that work to reduce symptoms and increase quality of life. If Alzheimer’s disease is diagnosed in its early stages, these treatments can help to delay the onset of more severe symptoms. Early diagnosis, proper treatment, and effective management of Alzheimer’s disease can extend your independence and allow you to make the most of your life.

At Cascade Behavioral Health Hospital near Seattle, we’ve had 25 years of experience with helping men and women and their loved ones navigate the waters of Alzheimer’s disease. Our nurturing staff have worked with countless people just like you to create a treatment plan that meets all of your needs and educate you and your loved ones about the future. At our hospital for Alzheimer’s treatment, we’re ready to help guide you through this difficult time so that you can return to your life happy, healthy, and fulfilled.

Why Consider Cascade

Why consider treatment for Alzheimer’s at Cascade Behavioral Health Hospital

Coping with a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease is a major adjustment for you and your loved ones. You may find that navigating this difficult journey can feel overwhelming and frightening. You may begin to notice the gradual lapses in memory, the inability to find ordinary household objects, and you find yourself forgetting the words for familiar things. This can lead to immense frustration and fear as you wonder how much worse things will become for you over the course of your disease. Your friends and family try to help, but you may not want to worry them about your symptoms. At Cascade Behavioral Health Hospital, we’re ready to help you explore the feelings and symptoms you’re experiencing as well as teach you new ways to keep your memory sharp.

At Cascade Behavioral Health Hospital in Tukwila near Seattle, Washington, you’ll find that we take a holistic approach to every aspect of patient care – including our welcoming, home-like spaces we’ve created throughout our healing center. We work to keep our spaces as warm and uplifting as possible to allow for maximum healing throughout our center and our staff always takes the time to focus on each individual and their loved ones as they come to us for help. At our treatment center for Alzheimer’s Disease, our main priority is making sure you begin your journey of healing through this difficult time.

Treatment Philosophy

Treatment philosophy and benefits

As one of the best hospitals near Seattle for Alzheimer’s treatment, we employ leading healthcare experts who offer every patient that comes to us total compassion and understanding. Our staff will take the necessary time to get to know you and your family on a more personal level. We are completely dedicated to patient-focused care. Our innovative treatment is designed to educate, comfort, and empower you to take an active role in your recovery. Most importantly we make sure to treat you and your loved ones with kindness and respect. At our treatment center we take a holistic approach to treatment and treat much more than the symptoms of your Alzheimer’s disease.

Treatment for Alzheimer's

Treatment approaches for Alzheimer’s at Cascade Behavioral Health Hospital

Upon arrival at our hospital, you will complete a comprehensive medical and psychological assessment that well help us understand more about you and the concerns that you have. The results of these evaluations will be used to help us create an effective treatment plan that will meet all of your personal needs.

Medication may be used to help ease some of the symptoms associated with your disorder. Additionally, if you are struggling with any co-occurring disorders you may be placed on other medications that will treat any other mental illnesses you may be presenting with. If it is determined that you need medication, your treatment team will monitor your medication for effectiveness and make any necessary alterations.

Individual therapy is helpful for individuals who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s because it allows for them to be able to talk with a counselor about all of their emotions surrounding this disease.

Family therapy is a very important component for individuals and their loved ones during the treatment process for Alzheimer’s. During family sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to teach your loved ones more about your disorder, your recovery, and the ways in which your loved ones can support you during this difficult time. Your loved ones will also have the opportunity to discuss their feelings about your disorder, have our staff help you plan for the future, and determine the next steps for treatment.

In addition to traditional therapeutic modalities, we believe in including experiential therapies into your plan of care. We offer a number of alternative therapies to assist in your recovery during your stay with us. These include:

  • Acupuncture
  • Meditation
  • Spiritual therapy
  • Exercise programs
  • Reminiscent therapy

Continuing Care

Continuing care – what comes next?

As discharge time approaches we will work with you to make sure that an aftercare plan is put in place and that you are comfortable with the next phase of your treatment process. For some individuals after they have been stabilized they are ready to return home and get back to their daily lives. If home is your next step we will be sure to provide you with appropriate community resources so that you can continue to get the support you need. Other individuals may transition to a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) or an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) both of which provide you with a similar structure to the inpatient program, but will allow you to spend your evenings at home. Finally, since Alzheimer’s is a progressive disorder you may be at a point where you are no longer able to return home. If this is the case we will work with you and your family to find the best placement for you. We will also provide counseling for you and your family as we know this is a very difficult time.

Serving Seattle

Serving the Greater Seattle Area

Our location in Tukwila near Seattle, Washington allows for us to serve residents from all over the SeaTac region – including Renton, Burien, and Des Moines. Call us today to begin Alzheimer’s Disease treatment.

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