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As one of the best treatment centers for schizoaffective disorder treatment near Seattle, we pride ourselves on providing optimal treatment options that allow you to heal and learn to manage your disorder. Most importantly, we offer you the compassion and warmth of a staff who genuinely cares about your overall well-being.

What is Schizoaffective Disorder?

What is schizoaffective disorder?

Schizoaffective disorder is a mental illness that is characterized by disordered psychotic symptoms, such as hallucinations and delusions, and mood problems that consist of depressive, manic, or mixed episodes. This disorder affects your thoughts, emotions, and even your actions. There are two types of schizoaffective disorder: bipolar-type schizoaffective disorder, where an individual experiences episodes of mania (with or without depression), and depressive-type schizoaffective disorder, where the mood disorder part of the illness involves only major depressive episodes. The psychotic features and mood disturbances experienced with this disorder can occur in interchangeable cycles or may occur together.

At our hospital for schizoaffective disorder treatment, we understand that the symptoms you are experiencing may be confusing and terrifying at the same time. If you have not been accurately diagnosed you may be wondering what is happening to you as a result of the psychotic symptoms you have been experiencing. The friendly staff here understands your fears and can help you get your symptoms under control. You do not have to deal with your disorder on your own, we are here to help.

Why Consider Cascade

Why consider treatment for schizoaffective disorder at Cascade Behavioral Health Hospital

If left untreated, the effects of schizoaffective disorder will only worsen over time, leaving the individual feeling helpless as to where to turn to next. Individuals suffering with this disorder may live a life full of loneliness due to their difficulty maintaining interpersonal relationships. Work and school responsibilities may be a daily battle leaving them further and further behind. Without proper coping mechanisms or support systems, an individual may turn to substance abuse as a way to self-medicate their symptoms, only making matters worse.

As one of the best treatment centers for schizoaffetive disorder treatment near Seattle, we pride ourselves on providing optimal treatment options that allow you to heal and learn to manage your disorder. Most importantly, we offer you the compassion and warmth of a staff who genuinely cares about your overall well-being. We offer a homelike, welcoming space and have created treatment to educate, comfort, and empower each person who comes to us for help. We aim to treat each person who comes to us for help with the dignity and respect they deserve.

Treatment Philosophy

Treatment philosophy and benefits

At our hospital for schizoaffective disorder, we aim to provide all of our patients with the highest possible care given by a staff who understands your struggles. We know that you are much more than the symptoms of your disorder and so we provide a holistic approach to treatment, taking into account your emotional, physical, and mental needs. When designing a personalized treatment plan, we make sure to incorporate all of those needs. We see each person who comes to us as a unique individual who is entitled to their own rights, responsibilities, and choices. Additionally, we also want to include your loved ones in your care as we believe it offers them the opportunity for growth as well.

Treatment for Schizoaffective Disorder

Treatment approaches for schizoaffective disorder at Cascade Behavioral Health Hospital

Upon arrival at our schizoaffective disorder treatment center, you will complete a series of medical and psychologically evaluations so that we can get a clearer picture of who you are and the disorder you are struggling with. Our medical examination will allow us to determine if you are addicted to drugs or alcohol and require medically-monitored detoxification services. Our psychiatric evaluation will allow us to gain a better understanding of your schizoaffective disorder and the presence of any co-occurring disorders. Some of the methods we use include the following:

Medication Management: Medication is often used in the treatment and management of schizoaffective disorder in order to help maintain your psychotic and mood symptoms. Throughout your stay with us, we will constantly evaluate the efficacy of your medications and change dosages as necessary.

Individual Therapy: These sessions are used to allow you the one-on-one time necessary to explore some of the challenges in your life. You’ll discuss co-occurring disorders and the ways in which schizoaffective disorder has affected your life, as well as how to prevent a relapse.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: This technique is used to help individuals with schizoaffective disorder monitor their thoughts, feelings, and actions. Through therapy you will discover more helpful ways of thinking and reacting and then learn how to incorporate these positive thoughts and behaviors into real life situations.

Group Therapy: A large portion of the treatment process at our hospital is completed in group sessions, which allow patients to meet other individuals who are struggling with the same illness. During groups you can help each other to identify appropriate coping strategies and learn how you can be supportive to one another. Cascade offers a combination of process-based and psycho-educational groups to best teach you about bipolar disorder, relapse prevention, and triggers that may evoke a cycle.

Family Therapy: We firmly believe that you and your family should work together throughout the treatment process so that you can all have the opportunity to heal. Family sessions will allow you to connect with your loved ones and teach them more about your disorder and how you are approaching your treatment. Your loved ones will also have the opportunity to share the struggles schizoaffective disorder has caused in their lives.

Cascade Behavioral Health Hospital is a holistic treatment center so we believe in providing therapies that allow for complete healing. We offer the following experiential treatments:

  • Art therapy
  • Musical expression

Continuing Care

Continuing care – what comes next?

When it’s time for you to move on to the next phase of treatment you will work with your treatment team to create a discharge plan that will ensure continuity of care. Many people who come to us prefer to continue their therapy using our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) which provides some of the structure found in our inpatient treatment program while allowing you the ability to take back some of the responsibilities of your life. IOP often involves lectures, groups, individual therapy sessions, and family sessions in which we teach life skills, relapse prevention, and stress management. If you decide to discharge to home, we will connect you with traditional outpatient therapy options to ensure that there is no lapse in care. When you come to our treatment center for schizoaffective disorder, your treatment will be all about you – and we will do what it takes to help you become successful in managing your disorder.

Serving Seattle

Serving the Greater Seattle Area

Our location in Tukwila near Seattle allows for us to serve residents from all over the greater Seattle region, including King and its surrounding counties. Call us today to begin the process of recovering from schizoaffective disorder.

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