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Cascade Behavioral Health Hospital provides a full continuum of mental health and addiction programming to ensure that you receive the optimal level of care for your needs.

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Mental Health & Addiction Programs

At Cascade Behavioral Health Hospital, we serve adults age 18 and older of all genders who have a mental health condition or a substance use disorder. We also provide care for adults who are suffering from both concerns, which is known as a dual diagnosis.

Your care team will consist of mental health and addiction treatment experts who are passionate about helping people achieve successful, lasting recovery. These may include psychiatric providers, psychologists, licensed mental health professionals, physicians, and substance use disorder professionals.

Every person follows a care plan that is tailored to their specific circumstances after completing a detailed assessment of their needs. Throughout your time at Cascade Behavioral Health Hospital, you’ll do work that will help you reduce your symptoms, build healthier coping skills, and find renewed hope for your future.

Full Continuum of Care

Whether you need structured outpatient care or crisis intervention, you’ll have access to the appropriate level of care at Cascade Behavioral Health Hospital. We offer a full continuum of mental health and addiction programming, including:

  • Detoxification services – On-site medical detoxification services allow you to safely complete the withdrawal process with as little discomfort as possible.
  • Inpatient programming – We offer crisis stabilization for adults and senior adults who are struggling with severe mental health concerns, addiction, and co-occurring disorders.
  • Inpatient addiction rehab – Our addiction rehabilitation program provides a long-term experience that promotes successful, sustained recovery.
  • Partial hospitalization programming (PHP) – This highly structured outpatient program serves adults who are struggling with mental health concerns.
  • Intensive outpatient programming (IOP) – A step-down level from our PHP, this outpatient program serves adults who are struggling with addiction and mental health conditions.

Telehealth options are available for our outpatient programs for those who are unable to participate in our IOP or PHP in person. Whether you take part in our programming on-site or remotely, you will receive the same high-quality care delivered with compassion and respect.

Our expert team will work closely with you to determine which level of care is best suited to help you make positive progress toward your recovery goals.

Evidence-Based Approach

We designed every program we offer using the latest evidence-based interventions, focusing on solutions that are the most beneficial to each individual patient.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to healing and recovery from a mental health concern or addiction, and we understand that people respond in different ways to various therapies and modalities. That’s why it is essential to personalize each patient’s care plan specifically to their medical history, challenges, strengths, and goals.

Depending on your unique situation, you may take part in:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)
  • Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT)
  • Music and recreational therapy
  • Motivational interviewing
  • AA/NA meetings
  • Mindfulness and yoga

These proven interventions can help you process any troubling memories, experiences, or emotions that have been barriers to your recovery. You’ll also develop important skills that will better prepare you for life’s future challenges.

With the guidance and support of the team at Cascade Behavioral Health Hospital, you can experience healing and recovery that lasts.

Success Is Possible

Every single person on this hospital's staff helped our family so passionately.

– Daniel
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