Alcohol Detox Program near Seattle

Alcohol detoxification at Cascade Behavioral Health Hospital near Seattle is a medically monitored process through which you can rid your body of alcohol without risk to your health. Our detox professionals can help you take an important first step toward a healthy, alcohol-free future.

Alcohol Withdrawal

What happens during alcohol withdrawal

When you develop alcohol use disorder, which is the clinical term for alcoholism, your body will adapt to the presence of this substance in your system. When you then try to stop drinking, your body may respond with a variety of distressing and possibly dangerous symptoms. This experience is known as alcohol withdrawal.

The type and intensity of alcohol withdrawal symptoms can vary depending upon a variety of personal factors. The physical and psychological impact of alcohol withdrawal may include agitation, irritability, insomnia, excessive sweating, headaches, shakiness, and nausea. Severe cases of alcohol withdrawal can involve elevated heart rate, hallucinations, delusions, and seizures.

The intensity of these symptoms, and the knowledge that they can be alleviated by consuming alcohol, can make it extremely difficult to stop drinking without professional help. Even when you understand that you have a problem with alcohol and want to pursue recovery, the pain of alcohol withdrawal can be overwhelming, and in some cases even dangerous.

Why Choose Detox Treatment

Why choose detox for alcohol addiction

The good news is that you do not have to risk a failed attempt to end your alcohol abuse, or put yourself in danger of physical or psychological harm. When you choose to enter alcohol detoxification at Cascade Behavioral Health Hospital, you will benefit from working with compassionate professionals who can guide you safely and comfortably though the process of ridding your body of alcohol.

Detoxification, or detox, at Cascade Behavioral Health Hospital can be an essential first step on your path to freedom from the chains and limitations of alcoholism. Ending your active abuse of alcohol will prevent you from incurring additional alcohol-related harm to your body and mind, and will allow you to begin healing from past damage.

While you are in our detox program, you will have the opportunity to receive medical and therapeutic support to ease cravings, alleviate distress, and protect your health. Also, you will not have access to alcohol or other substances of abuse, which will further insulate you from risk for immediate relapse.

Quality Care

Quality care for alcohol detox with compassion and respect

Safety and comfort are important elements of any effective detox program, and we place considerable emphasis on ensuring that you are not in danger or unduly uncomfortable while you are in our care. However, our commitment to your health and wellbeing while in detox extends far beyond safeguarding your physical health.

While you are completing alcohol detox at Cascade Behavioral Health Hospital, you will work with an interdisciplinary team of experts. Your detox experience with us will include services provided by the following professionals: a doctor, a psychiatrist, a physician’s assistant, a certified chemical dependency professional (CDP), registered nurses (RNs), advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs), certified nursing assistants, and chemical dependency counselors.

Depending upon your needs, you may receive certain prescription medications to ease alcohol cravings and other symptoms. You will also have the opportunity to participate in individual and group therapy sessions while in detox. These forms of therapy will help you to learn about addiction and recovery, process your experiences, and receive valuable feedback both from professionals and others who are also completing detox with us.

Your family members may attend our weekly orientation sessions, and you may also participate in family therapy on an as-needed basis.

Benefits of Alcohol Detox

The benefits of detox for alcohol addiction

As noted in previous sections on this page, we are dedicated to providing you with comprehensive alcohol detox services that will promote healing in mind, body, and spirit. Our detox professionals understand that a successful detox experience can be an important first step on your path of long-term recovery from alcoholism, and we have designed our detox program to provide you with both immediate and long-term benefits.

From a short-term perspective, your time in alcohol detox at Cascade Behavioral Health Hospital will ensure that you are safe and comfortable as you rid your body of alcohol. From a long-term perspective, your experience in detox with us will prepare you to fully engage in the next phase of your treatment and will help establish the foundation upon which you will build a healthier and more satisfying future.

Beginning of Recovery

The beginning of recovery from alcohol addiction

Successfully pursuing recovery from alcoholism addiction will require you to make significant lifestyle changes. You will need to adopt a healthier mindset, develop more effective coping skills, and address co-occurring mental health disorders and/or other issues that may have led you to abuse alcohol in the first place. You can begin to make progress in all of these areas while you are in detox with us.

The path of recovery is neither simple nor straightforward, but completing detox for alcohol addiction at Cascade Behavioral Health Hospital can empower you to overcome any obstacles that you encounter along the way.

Our detox program is designed to help you begin to accomplish each of these goals. While you are in detox with us, you will receive a variety of services to promote healing in mind, body, and spirit.

These holistic benefits will serve you well as you seamlessly transition to your next level of care, and will support your continued recovery after you have completed your time with us at Cascade Behavioral Health Hospital and returned home.

Success Is Possible

Every single person on this hospital's staff helped our family so passionately.

– Daniel
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