Opioid Detox Program near Seattle

Detoxification at Cascade Behavioral Health Hospital near Seattle features customized care to help you rid your body of opioids with maximum safety and minimum discomfort. Our superior opioid detox services can help you take an essential first step on your recovery journey.

What is Opioid Withdrawal

What happens during opioid withdrawal

Some people become addicted to opioids after being prescribed painkillers such as oxycodone or hydrocodone. Others develop dependence after recreationally abusing illicit opioids such as heroin.

Regardless of how your involvement with opioids began, or which opioid you have been using, when you become addicted your body will adapt to the presence of this substance. When the opioid is not present in your system, your body will respond via a variety of painful physical and psychological symptoms. This is known as opioid withdrawal.

The nature and severity of your opioid withdrawal experience will depend upon a number of personal factors. Common opioid withdrawal symptoms include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, muscle and bone pain, severe cramping, excessive perspiration, restlessness, anxiety, and insomnia. Symptoms typically begin to occur within about 12 hours of your last use, and usually last for about five days.

Why Choose Detox

Why choose opioid detox

The intensity of opioid withdrawal symptoms, combined with powerful drug cravings, can rapidly overwhelm your desire to end your opioid abuse. And the knowledge that you can get relief by once again abusing oxycodone, hydrocodone, heroin, or another opioid can quickly push you back into this self-defeating behavior. These factors can make it extremely difficult to rid your body of opioids on your own.

The good news is that you do not have to endure this painful process alone. At Cascade Behavioral Health Hospital, we offer a detoxification program that can help you take an essential first step along the path to long-term recovery from opioid addiction.

When you complete detoxification, or detox, with us, you will rid your body of opioids in a safe and comfortable environment. Throughout the entire experience, you will be under the care of experienced professionals. When you complete detox with us, you can then transition directly into a follow-on level of care where you can continue to make the changes that will support your recovery.

Quality Care

Quality care for opioid detox with compassion and respect

As noted in the previous section, the detoxification program at Cascade Behavioral Health Hospital is staffed by professionals who have specific expertise in helping men and women complete this important process. During your time in detox with us, you will work with a team of experts whose skills are equaled only by their compassion and dedication.

Our interdisciplinary detox treatment team includes a doctor and a physician’s assistant, a psychiatrist, registered nurses (RNs), advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs), certified nursing assistants, a certified chemical dependency professional (CDP), and chemical dependency counselors. These talented men and women will protect your health and safety during the detox process, provide medical and therapeutic interventions to help ease any discomfort, and prepare you to fully engage in the next level of care following your successful completion of detox.

In addition to medication management services that can ease certain symptoms of opioid withdrawal, our detox program also features individual therapy and group therapy sessions. These opportunities can help you to process your experiences, address issues related to your recovery, and learn from experts as well as others whose situations are similar to yours. Your family members may also take part in our weekly orientation sessions, and family therapy sessions may be scheduled if needed.

Benefits of Opioid Detox

The benefits of detox for opioid addiction

Our understanding of the physical and psychological components of opioid addiction, withdrawal, and recovery has enabled us to develop an innovative and effective detox program. Also, we appreciate that while detox may be a necessary step, it is just one part of your recovery journey.

For these reasons, we have designed the Cascade Behavioral Health Hospital detoxification program to achieve two general objectives:

  • To help you rid your body of oxycodone, hydrocodone, morphine, heroin, or other opioids with maximum comfort and safety
  • To prepare you to experience continued success, both in follow-on levels of care and after you have transitioned out of treatment

Holistic Detox Treatment

Holistic opioid detox

To achieve long-term recovery from opioid addiction, you need to do more than simply manage the physical impact of opioid abuse. You also need to adopt a healthier mindset, develop more effective coping skills, address issues that may have contributed to or been impacted by your opioid abuse, and make the lifestyle changes that will support your efforts to remain opioid-free.

Our detox program is designed to help you begin to accomplish each of these goals. While you are in detox with us, you will receive a variety of services to promote healing in mind, body, and spirit.

These holistic benefits will serve you well as you seamlessly transition to your next level of care, and will support your continued recovery after you have completed your time with us at Cascade Behavioral Health Hospital and returned home.

Success Is Possible

I entered the program at Cascade with trepidation and fear about what to expect. I came out of the program with a great deal of respect for the facility and its staff, as well as the tools I needed to cope with life.

– LS, former patient
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